Testing..1..2..3…is this thing on? :)

Hello World.

I wavered for a long time before deciding to start a blog. Mostly, it is for my own amusement/amazement. This is a journal, of sorts, of my stumbles and adventures in woodworking. If others happen to find any of this interesting, amusing or amazing, all the better. 😉

I’m a nerd. I happily and proudly admit it. I have been so my entire life—so far.  No, I  never fit the stereotypical pimple-faced, living in mom’s basement kid. I have always liked making things and exploring how they work. This has lead to many interests, such as: Amateur (ham) Radio, computers (Linux rules! Been using it since kernel v1.0. Started with Slackware -> Red Hat -> Kubuntu -> back to Debian [Testing branch]), astronomy, photography (used develop/print my own B&W film), gardening (mostly vegetable, learning to graft old variety apple trees, too), hiking, canoeing (great way to combine photography), reading (tech, sci-fi or anything which looks interesting), I do a bit of knitting and quilt making, too. In other words, if it’s techie or simply piques my curiosity, I’ll check it out.

I’m also an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). I volunteer with my  Town’s volunteer rescue squad. So many interesting things in the world. So little time and money. 🙂 But I ramble— I may do it again on these topics occasionally. Be forewarned. 😉 TL;DR?

I like woodworking. Recently, I discovered I really love hand tool woodworking! Making something with my own hands gives a lot of enjoyment. I have done woodworking on and off over the years albeit not as well as I wished.  I knew I didn’t know but didn’t know how to fix this. I read lots of books. This was pre-Internet days so books were a thing :), pretty much the only thing. There were no woodworking classes available to me. There was Norm Abrams’ New Yankee Workshop on PBS TV. It was where  I started really to ‘get it’. All those power tools looked really nice! Buying those tools was beyond my budget nor did I have place to put them. Yet I still learned by observing.

A few years later, I met a friend, who learned carpentry from his father, who was a builder. I learned much helping him work on his house and other projects. In September of 2012, for some reason long forgotten, I was surfing the Net. I came across woodworking with hand tools. The more I dug the more I found. I found Chris Schwarz. I bought a copy of his book The Anarchist’s Tool Chest. The book spoke to me in a very deep way. I learned could set up a small woodshop. I could do it without spending a ton of money on power tools. I could work quietly at night without disturb family or neighbors. I could slowly gather a small set of hand tools found at flea markets, garage and estate sales.  I could even build a small tool chest to store all those tools in!

I discovered other woodworkers The Wood Whisperer,  Shannon Rogers’ Renaissance Woodworker  and his The Hand Tool School and Paul Sellers to name but a few. All fellow woodworkers giving out information and videos aimed at newbies.

One of the hopes for my blog is a way to say thank you! all those woodworkers for so generously sharing what they know. I want to, in my own small way, pay it forward.


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