Meet the Author: Peter Galbert

Lost Art Press

galbert2_img_0017 Peter Galbert, working at the Lie-Nielsen 2014 Open House in Warren, Maine.

Peter Galbert, author of “Chairmaker’s Notebook,” is widely considered to be one of the finest chairmakers alive today. He’s also a sculptor and painter. And teacher. And writer. He’s an inventor of clever chairmaking tools, which have propelled several prosperous toolmaking businesses. He’s lived in Manhattan, in upstate New York and central Massachusetts, raising goats and chickens, and in Boston. He cooks. He travels (most recently with his partner, renowned landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard, to Baja where they dreamed of another life spent rescuing Mexican street dogs together). Nick Offerman, in his book “Good Clean Fun,” dedicated an entire chapter to him. The man is not yet 50.

And yet, he’ll probably cringe when reading this.

A self-described introvert, Peter says he feels like he’s already received more exposure in life than he should. Fellow woodworkers…

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